Economic Justice

The Casa’s Economics Justice program promotes the construction of economic alternatives in Mexico, especially those that participate solidarity economics. We directly support various Mexican cooperatives and projects that attempt to combat poverty and promote economic independence. At the same time, the Casa attempts to raise awareness in the community on issues related to economic justice, poverty, inequality and the community actions that generate fairer economic conditions.

Our Current Programs:

Point of Sale:

La Casa de los Amigos maintains a point of sale at the reception to support the initiatives of three Mexican producers:

Flor de Mazahua
The first women’s cooperative in Mexico City, Flor de Mazahua was officially founded in 1989.  Mazahua women, indigenous to the mountains in the State of Mexico, have faced a long history of discrimination and poverty, but currently have their own workshop in Mexico City. Their dolls are their best known crafts, but they also make shawls, shirts, embroidered cards and more.

Tozepan Pankizaske
In Nahuatl the name of this cooperative from Zautla, Puebla means “Together we are going to grow”.  Formed in 2003 in response to difficult economic conditions, one of the purposes of “Pankizaske” is to offer an alternative to migrating to Mexico City or the United States. Promoting solidarity and respect for the environment, the cooperative produces honeys, jams and chili peppers with processes that minimize the impact on the environment.

Las Patronas
Las Patronas, from La Patrona, Veracruz, are a group of women who prepare food, water and medicine to distribute to migrants who travel on trains seeking to reach Mexico and the United States. They use their own resources and the donations they receive. The proceeds from the sales of the “Chile Macho / Polvo de Oro” support them in their efforts.

Practicing Solidarity Economics as a member of Red Tláloc

La Casa is a member of Red Tláloc, an association of local producers, service providers, activists and intellectuals who support alternative currencies. By using the “Tláloc” currency we exchange goods and services without participating in the traditional economy.

We also participate in other networks in Mexico City, such as the Mixhuica Multitrueque Fair. A market where people use bargaining and community currency.


The committee hosts groups who are interested in learning more about the solidarity economy in Mexico and how it relates to migration. This includes full-day activities as well as week-long field studies. The Casa also organizes workshops, discussions and events.

Weaving Networks:

Staff of the Casa attend relevant events, meetings, conferences and workshops in Mexico City, forming part of the community that works for economic justice.

Casa de los Amigos is a non-profit peace organization, a community center, the Mexico City home of Friends (Quakers), a social justice-oriented guest house and a home.

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