More than a non-profit…

Above all, Casa de los Amigos is a home.

In addition to our programs, Casa de los Amigos is a community, where guests, neighbors, migrants, and travelers live together, share and learn from each other.


Hospitality at the Casa de los Amigos reflects the Quaker testimonies of Community and Simplicity.

The Casa receives some 2,000 guests and visitors each year, which include individuals, families, and groups. Many of the people who come here are involved in some kind of peace and social justice project or program.

People in Movement

We support migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking in Mexico City.

Casa de los Amigos works with various partners, local and international, providing accommodation to especially vulnerable migrant populations and asylum seekers

Economic Justice

Promoting the construction of economic alternatives in Mexico.

We directly support various cooperatives and Mexican productive projects that combat poverty and promote economic independence. We work to raise awareness about poverty, economic inequality, and community action.


Become a member of our volunteer team!

If you are committed to the Quaker values ​​of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship, and want to work hard with others in a diverse community, the Casa Volunteer Program is an incredible experience.

Read a summary of the Crisis de Casa de los Amigos

La Casa de los Amigos is navigating a very challenging moment. Please support our work.

Casa de los Amigos is a non-profit peace organization, a community center, the Mexico City home of Friends (Quakers), a social justice-oriented guest house and a home.

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