Quaker Community

Casa de los Amigos is the historic home of the Mexico City Monthly Meeting of Friends (Quakers).

Meeting for Worship at the Casa is temporarily suspended owing to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Institutional Crisis at the Casa. You may find more information on the Crisis: Here.

All are invited to participate in an hour of silent worship with us in the manner of Friends. First-time visitors are especially welcome. For an introduction to the Quakers and the Quaker Gathering, please come a half hour earlier on Sunday.

Quakers meet on Sundays, in expectant silence, to wait for God. Quakers believe there is something of God in each person, and through silent worship one is offered not only a sense of the divine Presence and peace, but also continued guidance and revelation. Those present occasionally give a message to the Meeting, always leaving a space of silence between the messages so that everyone can return to silence. Sometimes the time is completely silent; but it is not an empty silence; on the contrary, the silence vibrates with the presence of God and with the love and unity among us.

This worship is at the center of all Quaker practice and action, and is the foundation of the Quaker testimonies for which Friends are best known: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship.

The Mexico City Monthly Meeting was formed in 1946 and is affiliated with the Pacific Yearly Meeting, which meets every summer and is made up of Monthly Meetings in California, Nevada, Hawaii, Mexico City and Guatemala.

The Jorge Fox Library is jointly managed by the Mexico City Monthly Meeting and the Casa de los Amigos. It has a rich collection of materials on Quakerism and the study of religion, human rights, peace and non-violence. About a quarter of the collection is in Spanish. The Library is open to the public during the hours of the House.