Founded in 1956

Casa de los Amigos A.C.

Casa de los Amigos is a Quaker Center for Peace and International Understanding in Mexico City. Through its programs, community space, and activities, the Casa promotes peace with justice, fosters understanding between groups and individuals, and seeks to recognize the human dignity of everyone. Established as a non-profit organization in 1956 by the Friends community in Mexico City, our work is rooted in Quaker values.

An Open Letter from the Asamblea (Board) of Casa de los Amigos AC:

Casa de los Amigos is in crisis

The Casa de los Amigos continues in crisis. The Board of Directors of the Casa, on behalf of many members of the Casa community, expresses deep concerns about the current administration that is carrying out programs in the historic building. These concerns encompass the aparent falsification of Board documents in 2018 and 2019 that resulted in the removal of more than half of the Board members without their consent (including 7 of the 11 Quakers); misuse of donations; as well as significant accusations of safety concerns from partner organizations. These concerns have motivated many collaborating organizations and individuals to suspend their ties with Casa de los Amigos. The Casa is a historic peace organization dedicated to conflict resolution.  But, the administration currently running programs at Casa has made no attempt to address these concerns of the community nor heal the rift that continues to weaken this historic and beloved organization.

At this time, the Board cannot vouch for the safety or integrity of the programs taking place in the historic building. (The Board also informs the public that the current administration maintains control over the Facebook page.) However, it is important to note that this situation can be healed and more details can be found by clicking below.


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People in Movement

Solidarity Hospitality

Economic justice

Promoting economic alternatives for Mexico.

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Casa de los Amigos is a non-profit peace organization, a community center, the Mexico City home of Friends (Quakers), a social justice-oriented guest house and a home.

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